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“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness—and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe. The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling—their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them. Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

―Arundhati Roy, World Social Forum, Porto Alegre, 2003

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Rie Rasmussen

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Islands by Brendan Monroe

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Pythagoras of Crotona, by J. Augustus Knapp

for The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall

(Hall’s exposition here)

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i was seriously about to be so pissed off about this video but it’s actually fucking incredible WATCH THIS


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Jenny Holzer — Blue Corner Five, 2003.

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Pain is not the same as suffering. Left to itself, the body discharges pain spontaneously, letting go of it the moment that the underlying cause is healed. Suffering is pain that we hold on to. It comes from the mind’s mysterious instinct to believe that pain is good, or that it cannot be escaped, or that the person deserves it.

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The true knowledge of the self is not a knowledge.

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